Halkin Consultancy
Halkin Consultancy assists families and individuals from the UK and abroad, to experience and become part of the English way of life.

We help them to compose an enjoyable diary of events and activities where they will meet like-minded individuals; establish a social network; receive glamorous invitations and become integrated into the special and entertaining world of the English elite. We also propose them for membership at the best golf and country clubs, gyms, spas, fitness and tennis clubs and arrange access to London’s finest casinos and nightclubs.

With HALKIN, you too will be able to enjoy the activities and customs associated with royalty, the English countryside and high society. You will be able to participate in the London Season; stay as the guest of a Lord and Lady in their castle for golf or pheasant shooting; play or watch polo; take a box for premiership football; or race classic sports cars. With us, you will discover and gain access to the most agreeable and enjoyable lifestyle in the world.

HALKIN has a strong network of professional advisors and service providers to whom we refer clients. We make these introductions on an independent basis and each of the individuals and firms we suggest are known to us personally.

For private clients and families, we work with known experts in property search; immigration law; educational consultancy and medical care.
For private and business clients, we work with discreet and trusted firms of professional advisors including banks, accountants, solicitors, lawyers, financiers and consultants.

In addition, London is acknowledged as a world leader in private banking, wealth management and family offices, and if you would like us to introduce you to one or more of these firms, we would be pleased to do so.
Our Founder

Jack Soames

Educated at Eton College and Edinburgh University, Jack Soames has spent his professional life working in the private wealth sphere, in a career which has embraced private investment management, media, political fundraising and consultancy.

He began his career at Robert Fleming Private Bank where he worked for six years as a portfolio manager in the private asset management division.

Subsequently he joined the prestige and luxury goods agency Aurelia PR, where he stayed for ten years, working with premium and super-premium brands, charities and providing lifestyle consultancy to ultra high net worth individuals and families.

In 2003, he was appointed as a consultant to the Conservative Party under the chairmanship of Lord Saatchi, tasked to work with the Treasurer, Lord Marland, on repositioning the Party and the recruitment of major donors.

In 2007, he set up his own business, providing consultancy to philanthropists, charities and working with ultra high net worth clients seeking to integrate into the life of the international and British elite in the UK.
He is known for his complete discretion, impeccable connections, and unrivalled address book. It has been said of him that he knows everyone - and if he doesn’t, he knows someone who does! This talent for networking and finding solutions has often resulted in his clients using him as an “homme d’affaires” as much as a lifestyle consultant.

With over 25 years experience, and a far-reaching list of contacts which encompasses Eton, the City, politics, charity, the arts and ‘high society’, he is uniquely well-qualified for the service that HALKIN provides.